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Rich and Heidi have been changing lives through musical theatre.

Parents and students can’t say enough for the gift they give to children in our community.

“Singing on Stage has been part of our daughter’s life since she was 5. It has contributed to her comfort in social settings and ease with communication. I can’t think of a better role model for a young girl than Heidi Biever. Heidi displays genuine enthusiasm for her time with the children. She exhibits a level of energy that she expects from the children. They have incredible respect for Miss Heidi and adore her. The love for what she does is easy to see.
I believe that Michal Ann has developed confidence, a sense of responsibility and learned how to laugh at herself while performing in more than 10 shows with Singing on Stage.  She loves to perform.”

-Kasandra Botti

Singing Onstage has given me the opportunity to have leading roles in many shows, instead of just being “tree number 5”. The studio has been like a second home to me. Being Mowgli in Jungle Book with the older students was amazing. Now I feel like I can try out for any part and have a chance.

-Thomasin, age 11

“The encouraging environment at Singing Onstage over the past six years has allowed my daughter to feel confident, to grow, and to love performing. I’ll never forget the joyful look on her face when singing Tomorrow with the group at the end of her first time in Annie. A couple years later she was able to sing the song alone as Annie! During a difficult time in her life, singing “Sing Your Own Song” in Dear Edwina really fit the situation and made a difference. The level at which all the students perform is amazing and consistent, always more than what one would expect of that age group.”

-Jane Charlton

“To say that Singing Onstage has been life-changing for our family would not be an exaggeration. The experiences our sons have had with Heidi and Rich have been just phenomenal–their energy and enthusiasm are contagious and their encouragement of the children is exemplary. I am always so amazed by the final product as I watch these children perform in their productions. We are truly blessed to have them in our community.”

-John Dolan

“We will forever be grateful to Richard and Heidi Biever for sharing their love of musical theatre with our son. They provided a place to nourish his passion for performing, and we saw amazing growth in his singing, acting, and dancing, as a result of their guidance and expertise. Through Singing Onstage our son was able to perform in multiple leading rolls giving him acting experiences he wouldn’t otherwise have had at such a young age. It is largely due to Rich and Heidi’s influence, that our son has been successful in high school theatre, and beyond. Their loving, and positive nature, has had a profound effect on our son not only as a performer, but also as a human being.

-Randy and Amy Moore

“I love everything about Singing Onstage. I don’t have a favorite part because every part is my favorite. Singing Onstage days are the best days. I feel really comfortable there and I can be myself.”

-Brandon Sliman, age 8

“Singing Onstage is very fun, and I like to be there. I learned that there is no need to be scared, you can always look to the director then you can go on. I like best of all that I have done a lot of practicing so I have the spirit of Singing Onstage. I like Miss Heidi very much because she is so nice. She helps us with our mistakes and makes us feel great. I like performing on stage most of all. To other kids I would say ‘it’s really fun, I think you would like it too if you would try.”

-Adelaide, age 6

“I can’t say enough good things about Singing Onstage Studios and the work they do with young thespians.  It is a blessing to have, not only talented individuals, but people who care so much for the students and show such enthusiasm in their progress. I want to thank Singing Onstage for taking my baby under their wings for her first show – I am excited to watch what comes next! Good things come in kid-sized packages and great theater starts with love.”

-Michael Blake