Singing Onstage Virus Mitigation Strategies

It is the policy of Singing Onstage to provide the highest degree of protection against Covid-19 as possible. Here’s the steps we take when meeting in person:

CDC guidelines and PA State guidelines.

  1. Meet outside whenever possible.
  2. If weather doesn’t permit meeting outside, we will meet indoors in a space large enough to space apart at a minimum of six feet, but usually 8-10 feet apart. For January and February, that will be at a 4500 sq foot space in the Nittany Mall.
  3. Whether inside or outside, students must be masked at all times, with the exception of short breaks where students stand further apart. 
  4. When inside, we take short breaks approximately every 30 minutes to clear the space of aerosols.
  5. All staging of songs and scenes is done with at least six feet of distance between students. There is no physical contact of any kind permitted.
  6. Hand sanitizer is always available and students must sanitize before and after every class.
  7. When the school district switches to remote instruction, Singing Onstage will do the same. If we feel the infection numbers are dangerously high, we may move to remote instruction, even if the school district stays in person.