Singing Onstage Virus Mitigation Strategies

It is the policy of Singing Onstage to provide the highest degree of protection against Covid-19 as possible. 

Here are the steps we take when meeting in person:

  1. All students ages 5 and up are required to be vaccinated to participate in our classes.
  2. All students will be required to wear masks at all times with the exception of short breaks where students go outside.
  3. When rehearsing inside, we will take short breaks approximately every 30 minutes to clear the space of aerosols.
  4. Hand sanitizer is always available and students will sanitize before and after every class.
  5. The Singing Onstage studio will be cleaned regularly and will have fans and other ways of facilitating proper air flow and ventilation.
  6. Any student who is feeling ill is asked to stay home from class.