Do you have questions about registration, expectations or role assignment?  Find your answers to those questions and more here on our FAQ page.

How do I get my child enrolled at Singing Onstage?
If you are new to Singing Onstage, you can contact us by email at info@singingonstage.com for more information. Or you can head over to our registration page for online registration!

What are requirements for participating in a show?
We look for students that can sing on pitch and have a sincere interest in singing, movement and telling a story on stage.

What if the class doesn’t work out for my child?
We are committed to each child being properly placed. If the situation is not right for a student, we offer a refund for the classes not attended.

Are there auditions for the parts in the shows?
For most of our productions, the leading roles are shared among the students. We assign their roles based on what will be a successful experience for each student.

Where do the shows perform?
Our shows are performed in a variety of venues including: our studio at Singing Onstage, the Municipal building, and the State Theatre!

What is your attendance policy?
Attendance is mandatory. Exceptions are made for illness or family travel (at an appropriate time). If your student is going to be absent, please email your teacher. Please note that students are required to be at all final rehearsals at the stage. We will get the final rehearsal information to you at the beginning of the semester for your calendars.

What is your snow day policy?
We will generally follow the snow day calls from the State College Area School District. If the district cancels after-school activities or has an early dismissal, we will likely not hold Singing Onstage classes. If there is bad weather in the forecast, please keep an eye out for an email from Singing Onstage!

Is memorization required?
Yes, for scripted shows. We expect the student to practice assigned material at home with a family member. Specific dates will be given on a case by case basis based on the class.

What are your expectations for behavior in rehearsal?
Students are to behave kindly and respectfully in rehearsal towards both their directors and fellow students. Parents will be contacted immediately if there are any behavioral concerns.

What should my child wear to class/performances?
Students will be asked to provide basic performance clothing, this could include, but is not limited to: jazz or character shoes, leggings, tights and/or leotard, dress pants, and a specific color of shirt. You will be notified about the specific clothing that your student will need 4-6 weeks before the performance.

Is there an admission fee to the performances?
A modest fee is charged to help cover the rental cost of the performance space. You will be notified of the amount in advance of the performance. There is no need to get tickets in advance! There is plenty of seating for all. The seating is general admission (unassigned) and the fee is taken at the door.

Can I take photos or record video during performances?
No. This is due to copyright issues. Parents are welcome to take photos of their student on the stage after the performance.

What is your refund policy?
If you or your student is unsure about participating in Singing Onstage, they are welcome to come to observe a class currently in rehearsal. If your child has enrolled and after several weeks is not comfortable with this activity, we are happy to refund the classes not attended.
* This policy is for Fall and Spring semesters only. Summer refunds are offered up until 2 weeks before the start date, unless the child becomes ill or there is a family emergency. If you are unsure about enrolling your child for the Summer semester, you are most welcome to bring them to a current class for observation!