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Singing Onstage is pleased to give students professional musical theatre training and performance experience.


We believe everyone has a need for expression and creativity. Helping to tell a story is one way to fulfill that need. Telling a story is far more important than simply gaining the satisfaction of being in front of an audience. Stories give us a sense of order, a sense of belonging. They truly help us progress in an uncertain world.

Theatre and musical theatre are deeply profound ways of telling stories. Both actor and audience experience the joy of a story well told.

Heidi Biever

Founder/Co-Director, Master Teacher for Younger/Middle  Levels.

Heidi Biever is a master teacher at Singing Onstage, specializing in the classes for young and up-and-coming performers.

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“It is largely due to Rich and Heidi’s influence, that our son has been successful in high school theatre, and beyond. Their loving, and positive nature, has had a profound effect on our son not only as a performer, but also as a human being.”

-Randy and Amy Moore

“The experiences our sons have had with Heidi and Rich have been just phenomenal–their energy and enthusiasm are contagious and their encouragement of the children is exemplary.”

-John Dolan

“I can’t think of a better role model for a young girl than Heidi Biever. Heidi displays genuine enthusiasm for her time with the children. She exhibits a level of energy that she expects from the children. They have incredible respect for Miss Heidi and adore her. The love for what she does is easy to see.”

-Kasandra Botti

“I can’t say enough good things about Singing Onstage Studios and the work they do with young thespians. It is a blessing to have, not only talented individuals, but people who care so much for the students and show such enthusiasm in their progress. I want to thank Singing Onstage for taking my baby under their wings for her first show.”

-Michael Blake