About Us

Singing Onstage is pleased to provide musical theatre training and performance experiences to students in Central Pennsylvania.


Singing Onstage was founded by Richard and Heidi Biever in 2003 in the same studio where Heidi’s mother, Betty Jane Dittmar, taught dance for many years. Leah Mueller and her husband Jared Yarnall-Schane bought Singing Onstage in 2022 and are excited to continue the artistic legacy at the Pugh Street studio!

Core Values

Community – Theatre is a community-based art form and it truly takes a village to put on a show. There is so much cooperation and collaboration along the way. Singing Onstage is successful because of the hard work of the teachers, parents, students, and backstage help that works together to put on productions.

Process Over Product – While we want to have amazing final performances, we value the student experience during the rehearsal process. We want to foster the growth and joy of every student during each class meeting.

Service – It is special that we get to serve our community in this way and offer musical theatre opportunities for students. We strive to employ a servant leadership model that values empathy, stewardship, community building, and commitment to the growth of our students.

PLAY – We are putting on plays after all and play and fun should be the heart of all that we do. We work to offer a positive atmosphere that encourages students to take risks and make big, bold choices where they have a community to support them! We value student ideas and creativity.

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“It is largely due to Rich and Heidi’s influence, that our son has been successful in high school theatre, and beyond. Their loving, and positive nature, has had a profound effect on our son not only as a performer, but also as a human being.”

-Randy and Amy Moore

“The experiences our sons have had with Heidi and Rich have been just phenomenal–their energy and enthusiasm are contagious and their encouragement of the children is exemplary.”

-John Dolan

“I can’t think of a better role model for a young girl than Heidi Biever. Heidi displays genuine enthusiasm for her time with the children. She exhibits a level of energy that she expects from the children. They have incredible respect for Miss Heidi and adore her. The love for what she does is easy to see.”

-Kasandra Botti

“I can’t say enough good things about Singing Onstage Studios and the work they do with young thespians. It is a blessing to have, not only talented individuals, but people who care so much for the students and show such enthusiasm in their progress. I want to thank Singing Onstage for taking my baby under their wings for her first show.”

-Michael Blake